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How to Attract the Opposite Sex

When considering how to attract the opposite sex, one fundamental key is stay true to you. Being yourself will pay off in the end, especially if you are seeking a permanent relationship. The evidence of high compatibility (important for long-term success) can not be determined if you are passing yourself off as someone you are not. If your goal is to attract a pool of admirers just for the heck of it, it still pays to be yourself. You never know. That is not to say there may be room for improvement in some areas. If you know that you could use some improvement in the appearance or hygiene department, this is something that you can correct immediately. Consider a make over – have friends and family assessment and aid in your new look. Meanwhile, here are some effective tips on how to attract the opposite sex. 1. Location, Location, Location Where you are in a room has a lot to do with appealing the opposite sex. Placing yourself in the middle of the room – sitting, standing or moving around a bit will have a huge impact on getting noticed by the opposite sex. 2. Scent Men associate the scent of cinnamon and vanilla with love. Women are attracted to a black licorice scent. Blend your own essential oils, or find an aromatherapist to whip up a perfume...

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Boys, Learn How to Become a Man and Pick Up Gorgeous Women With These Dating Tips For Boys

There are certain things that a boy has to experience as part of growing up and this includes dating. Dating may be difficult for some men and women, while others tend to be expert daters. People learn the proper way to date through personal experiences. Of course, everyone who has engaged in dating has committed a mistake and learned from that mistake, and those who have learned were able to share their experiences to other people so that other people who are just new in dating may stay away from committing that same mistake. Here are some dating tips for boys that will certainly help them get the girl that they want. The girls' needs and wants are somewhat different compared to the interest and needs of boys. However they have commonalities in some areas of interest such as dating. For other boys, dating is like a puzzle, a challenge that they need to triumph over. Remember that guys tend to be more egotistic than girls, so they feel that they have the need to be dominant by winning and getting the things they want. Some girls are like that too, although most girls tend to view dating as something romantic since girls tend to be more emotional than men. Girls like receiving chocolates and flowers from admirers because they find them sweet and they make them feel beautiful....

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10 Date Ideas for Art Lovers

If the woman or man you’re dating loves art, impress them by suggesting one of the following activities for your next date. It’s an opportunity to see them in an environment that brings them joy. Who knows – you may even learn a thing or two about art! 1. Visit the Local Public Art Gallery Whether you’re looking at a masterpiece by Rembrandt, an Emily Carr, or the work of a local artist; art can be a natural conversation starter. To those not versed in art or painting, don’t worry about using the right language or terminology. If your date is an art lover they can teach you. If you want to save some money, check to see if the gallery has any free viewing periods. 2. Browse Privately Owned Art Galleries Most cities have a number of art dealers who exhibit art for sale via their gallery. Some may specialize in showcasing and selling a specific type of art – such as sculptures, paintings, First Nations art – or specific artists. Check to see if they’re open to the public. If not, they may have upcoming events or exhibitions. 3. Tour Public Art Displays Take a look around you – are there sculptures scattered throughout your city? If so, have a sculpture hunt and visit a handful of them. Many cities have a sculpture garden or park with...

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How to Create Party Invitation Maps

Having a party and want to include a map in your invitations to help ensure your guests arrive on time and safely? While GPS (Global Positioning System) systems and online sites like Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps, and MapQuest make getting from point A to point B a breeze, including an elegant, uncluttered map not only provides an appreciated convenience, but is also a perfect compliment to your invitations. They can be custom ordered or you can make them yourself. Here is one method for creating your own map for two locations such as a wedding ceremony and reception: With the addresses of the wedding and reception, go to Yahoo! Maps and enter the ceremony address as point A and the reception address as point B. Click Go. Make sure your map is centered the way you want it. Click Printable Version. Click Map Only in the new open window. Right click the map and click on save picture as. Save the map to your computer. Open PowerPoint and clear out a slide to work on. Go to Insert>picture>from File and select the map you saved. Trace the key parts of the map you want on your map. On the bottom toolbar, click on AutoShapes>Lines>Freeform. Now you have your tracing tool. Adjust the thickness of the line by clicking on the icon Line Style (the icon with the lines with...

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The Power of a Referral Script

The key to the success of e-commerce is in the combination of the power of viral marketing, permission marketing and one to one marketing. Have you ever heard of, Bluemountain Cards, or Hotmail? Of course you have! Why? Because the all use varies degrees of the above mentioned marketing techniques. In particular, they use viral marketing. How can you use viral marketing? With referral scripts! First of all, you need to make sure that your ezine has a referral, 'Tell a Friend' link in each and every issue. You can say something like: "If you enjoy our newsletter a think a friend might also benefit from it, please click here." Egypt "Please help us share our message with others by telling a friend. The 'click here' should be a hyper link to a web page with your referral script. You can find free referral scripts on various sites such as or . I use an amazing script that I had put together by a programmer. It cost me $ 1,600 but you can use it for free and make money while doing so – no kidding. It is easy to implement. You can see how it works by visiting and clicking on the 'Tell a Friend' link. If you want to use it too, go to: There are other third party referral services out...

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