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Author: mandmweb

Garage Bands – How to Use YouTube to Make It Big

The music industry is rapidly changing in response to new technology. Initially, social media platforms helped artists reach new people in a remarkably inexpensive way. Popular social media services like MySpace and Facebook let users spread new music in seconds. Some musicians have turned to other more advanced technologies like custom iPhone apps to promote their latest releases. However, some artists are unaware how easily they can promote new albums on YouTube. Millions of users each day consume videos over this popular video sharing site. Lots of bands are getting in on the action by posting new songs, music videos, studio updates, and video blogs for their fans. Why Garage Bands Should Post Video Content on YouTube First of all, streaming videos are very easy to share on social media sites. A quick press of a button allows your fans to embed your latest in-studio footage, interview, or live performance right into their activity stream on their favorite sites. Their friends are far more likely to view an embedded video than many other forms of sharable content. Also, many people find out about new artists after searching for specific keywords in search engines. YouTube videos command respect from services like Google, and successful viral offerings can help you achieve prominent placement in search results. What Type of Content Should a Band Post? The best possible option is to record...

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How to Be a Girl Magnet? 5 Irresistible Ways to Get Her Totally Attracted to You

It's true that most males aim to become an absolute alpha male and forever attract girls effortlessly. Heck, what more can a guy ask for? But of course, the journey on becoming a master when it comes to seducing the ladies can be a long and tough road but once you get the hang of it, you'll start dating and flirting with girls like a Sport. Sounds pretty exciting, huh? To jumpstart your life-changing mission towards this thrilling status, below are a few tips on how to be a girl magnet for a start. Hey, if you want to start, better do it now! Confidence. One way to impress girls is to be yourself — and one way to be yourself is to be confident about who you are. It may sound hard but believe, experience will gain you the confidence you need. So do not be stuck in the confines of the four walls of your apartment. Be up for anything and get adventurous — you'll be a total alpha male in no time — and will start attractive girls! Look, feel and smell good. Take care of yourself. Nothing is more appealing to the ladies if you show that you give value to yourself and take time to invest into your interests and hobbies. That being said, it counts to be make a good impression if you...

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How to Use Twitter As the Most Powerful Viral Traffic Machine For Your Blog

Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with friends and like minded people you meet online. With Twitter you can make new friends, share your views, and keep yourself updated constantly. Moreover, you can use Twitter to inform people about your blog or website and get them to visit it. This can prove to be very advantageous if you are a business owner. Twitter can generate good traffic to your site and increase the number of leads for your business. Be Honest Don’t try to deceive people on Twitter to gain for your business. This doesn’t work. The users of Twitter are very particular about the people they connect with and would probably refrain from interacting with you if they think you are just trying to use Twitter as a money making tool. Use proper credentials and personal information while setting up your profile. Don’t try to appear as someone that you are not. Be Specific Try to stick to your interests and your objectives while on Twitter. Only follow people with whom your interests match or whom you are acquainted with. Don’t decide on following anyone and everyone. This will only result in you being ignored by the communities you have chosen to follow. Build Trusting Relationship Try to be part of communities that relate most closely to your business and products. Once you are on...

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The World Famous Poetry Anthology Scam

Succeeding as a writer is a very hard thing to achieve. Unfortunately there are those out there willing to take advantage of writers and exploit their dreams of being published. A popular scam in print and online is known among other things as the Poetry Anthology scam. The way it works is a struggling writer will stumble upon an advertisement for a poetry contest. This advertisement can be online or in a print magazine and will appear to be a legitimate writing contest. They may use fantastic claims of a valuable grand prize and promise that the winning entry, along with all the entries deemed to be finalists will be published in the anthology. Usually the ad will go on to describe how respected and well read the anthology is, even though you would have a hard time tracking down someone who’s heard of it. The fact that the contest is free to enter will insure it has an air of legitimacy, after all how can it be a scam if they aren’t charging you to enter the contest? The only mention of money is that winners and all finalists will required to purchase a copy of the anthology, that’s not all that restrictive as what author wouldn’t mind buying a copy of an anthology they won a contest to be in? The scam rears its head in the...

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Online TV – How Does Online TV Work?

Everyone loves TV right? Things have certainly come a lot in leaps and bounds since the old TV was invented. Why not watch TV online? Not just TV from your area, not even regular cable TV, but be able to get TV from all over the world. Think about being able to use the power of the internet and have 2000, 3000 or even over 4,000 channels straight to your computer at home or even work. Well that’s what is happening today. Online TV works like regular old TV. Broadcasters for regular TV put out their signal and your antenna at home picks up the signal and there you have it, you have TV ( that was a very simple version ). Well online TV works the same way. There are so many channels from around the world and all these companies are realizing that the internet is where they need to put their product. The power of broadband and some nifty software can enable people like your self to be able to watch your favorite sports events live ( and not pay for pay per view ) you can also watch all your favorite movies & TV shows and basically keep up to date with anything that is going on in the world. To recap, online TV works pretty much the same way as normal TV does. Broadcasters...

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