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Pteranodon (ventral watch), prehistoric traveling reptile (dragon)

Pteranodon is a genus of pterosaurs which bundled some of the biggest known traveling reptiles, with wingspans over six metres (20 ft). It existed all through the late Cretaceous geological time period of North The us in present working day Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Additional fossil specimens of Pteranodon have been observed than any other pterosaur, with about 1,two hundred specimens known to science, lots of of them perfectly preserved with just about entire skulls and articulated skeletons. It was an critical aspect of the animal neighborhood in the Western Interior Seaway. Pteranodon was a reptile,...

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Dorothy Parker and Anti-Semitism

Definition of Anti-Semitism: Discrimination towards, prejudice or hostility towards Jews. Dorothy Parker’s followers know about her finest-marketing textbooks, poems and brief stories. They are also keenly aware that Dorothy co-established the Algonquin Spherical Table in the 1920’s. In the 1930’s she was nominated for an Academy Award for her screenplay to A Star Is Born. Also in the 30’s, Dorothy Parker co-established the Anti-Nazi League and Display screen Writers Guild. Tragically she was victimized by the McCarthy hearings and located herself, alongside with friends Lillian Hellman and Dashielle Hammett, a victim of the Hollywood Blacklist commie scare of the 1950’s. Through WWII, Dorothy Parker passionately protested the persecution of Jews in Europe. Her enthusiasm for boldly speaking out for human rights built her a hero on both equally coasts and fifty percent way all-around the globe. Couple of of Dorothy’s followers understood that her maiden title was Dorothy Rothschild. Dorothy’s mom, Annie Eliza Martson Rothschild was of Scottish descent, and died at the age of 44, when Dorothy was five many years aged. Dorothy’s father, Jacob Henry Rothschild was of German Jewish descent, Dorothy Parker lived in an period when anti-Semitism was at its peak. She hence was quite sensitive to undesirable discrimination that accompanied recognition of her Jewish title, Rothschild. Therefore, she retained the surname of her initial husband, Edwin Pond Parker II, after their divorce, and appreciated...

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