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Author: mandmweb

Cybercrime Attacks Are Happening – Are You A Victim?

Small businesses are, in present times, faced by waves and waves of cyber attacks and are the targets of criminals whom want to compromise their computer systems and data stored both belonging to the small business and its clientele base. Another aim is to wrest the control of a small business and its computer network from its rightful owner(s) and its use as botnets to perpetrate more cybercrime. There are so many small businesses out there that rely on the internet to get a hold of clients and customers, therefore it makes them fodder for the hackers and cyber criminals. The reasons behind so many small businesses being targeted for attacks are 1) some rely on free antivirus applications which might not guarantee complete security from hackers, and 2) some frequently operate without any security measures, i.e. without firewall, without anti-spam and without antispyware. Perhaps the most prominent reason for the attacks on small businesses is that they are not prepared and do not have the resources to install and use the best available and sophisticated security software and/or hardware applications. An attack on small businesses translates into lost revenue for all stakeholders and entrepreneurs. A corrupted website means total loss of control and all accruing revenue as well as such a website being under the control of the hackers will be used to prey on unsuspecting clients via...

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Starting Your Acting Career With Disney

What does Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Hudgens have in common? The answer, their acting careers or their singing careers started out with a little help from Disney. Unlike other casting audits, what makes Disney so different is that there is room for just about anyone who wants to become famous. There is a separate audition for singers, dancers, actors, stunt artists, musicians, bands and Disney character look alikes. Whatever you choose to pursue, it is best to get an agent because you are more likely to be aware with this person helping out. But this does not mean you will not have a shot if you go in alone without an agent by your side because it has happened. For an actor, what you will need during an audit to prepare is a one minute comedic monologue. You better practice your timing and do not forget to remember the words. There must be emotion behind what you are saying and while you are playing the part because you are not reciting in class but trying to capture the moment. You should also be ready to go up there and use additional material that will be prepared by the sentences. Aside from your skit, you should have with you a few great headshots and of course your resume with your contact information. This will make it...

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5 Life Changing Lessons That You Can Learn From ‘Yes Man’ the Movie

This movie was released last year but why it is related with life and personal growth? It is really a magnificent movie if you are able to extract some important keys to live life happily. Therefore, let me do the work for you. I have analyzed the movie and learned many important keys to live life the way we want.. I will explain the lessons and at the end of each lesson I will describe how we can implement in our lives. All right now let us begin. Lesson 5 – Do not let your past to take control over you. This is the Ultimate lesson that I learned in this movie. In Yes Man, Carl will be deeply affected with the divorce and his previous relationship. He let this event in his life to take control over him by avoiding his friends and lock himself equipped with some DVD movies to kill off his time at his apartment. What you can do: If you really have so much of pain especially your past life, then this is the time for you to take decision to kill them off with positive actions. Go out with your friends. Spend some time doing what you love. The key is to make yourself busy until you do not have sufficient time to think about your painful past. You can choose to be...

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Playing Games

The role of games in human culture is a major part of who we are as a people. There have been many studies showing how game playing is one of the key elements in a child physical and mental development. A lot of the problem solving skills we develop come from playing games, as well as motor skills and coordination. Most unique hits that various cultures have, all stem from the games they play. A good example of this is Canada being known for there hockey players, as other countries are known for producing some of the finest players for there national Game. The great thing about playing games, is that not only do the participants get pleasure in playing games, but also the people watching them being played. Playing games have such a tremendous influence on us; emotions can often run very high. This will cause the onlookers to group together, to cheer the participants. This can be the source of tremendous solidarity for all participants as well as the fans. But there is not just playing games of sports, there are games were we might test themselves against the odds like games of chance. Then there are those that test our quickness and agility like pinball and arcade types. There are also board games that allow family and friends to play together, providing many hours of entertainment....

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Ramadan 2016 – Complete the Fasting Until the Sunset

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar, commemorating the appearance of the Archangel Jibril (Gabriel) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the revelation to the Prophet of the opening verses of the Quran. Around the world, followers of Islam wait, in eager anticipation, for the onset of Ramadan when they will once again invest one month in fasting, penitence, introspection, charity and spiritual reflection. Basics Ramadan (also called Ramzan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The fast, from sunrise to sunset, every day of the month, is to be observed by all Muslims who are sound in mind and body, and are past the age of puberty. Faithful observance of the fast is one of the five pillars of belief in Islam, and the devout is called upon to scrupulously adhere to the tenets of the fast. Abstention During the daylight hours, the faithful are enjoined to abstain absolutely, not only from all food and drink but also from succumbing to the temptation to fulfil any other physical needs such as smoking, sexual activity, etc. The Ramadan month is about much more than mere deprivation of physical and psychological demands. Reconnecting with God, practicing self-discipline, renouncing negative behaviour, alms giving and purification of the soul are an integral part of the observance of the month. Morning to Evening The fast begins every morning, with Al...

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