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Month: January 2018

25 One-Liner Frog Jokes – Can be Used on Any Occasion

Frogs like any helpless animals have had a series of jokes told about them. They are probably not the funniest jokes ever told, but they can sometimes put a smile on the face of a frog collector. Sometimes, however the frog collector may not see the funny side. Here goes, have a laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. 1. Why did the frog make so many mistakes? It jumped to the wrong conclusions. 2. What do frogs play at recess? Jumping jacks and leapfrog. 3. Why did the frog read Sherlock Holmes? He liked a good croak and dagger. 4. Who is smarter, a chicken or a frog? A frog of course How do you know? Well, I’ve never heard of Kentucky Fried Frog. 5. What is a frog’s favorite snack? Cheese and croakers. 6. Why did the motorcycle rider buy a pet frog? To pick the flies out from between his teeth. 7. Why are frogs good at baseball? Because they catch a lot of fly balls. 8. Why does a frog stand in the outfield? So he won’t miss a fly. 9. What do you get if you cross a science fiction film with a toad? Star Warts. 10. What do you call a one hundred year old frog? An old croak. 11. What did the frog dress up as at Halloween? A prince. 12. Where...

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Why You Should Make A Video Clip

It may not seem obvious at first but there are several compiling reasons why getting a video clip on to YouTube, is a really good move to make. It does not matter if it is really short and average but as long as it is able to promote you, your website or a product that you wish to sell, it looks clear that it can send traffic to your site like few other Marketing strategies on the internet can. Why is this? The explosion of the new so-called WEB 2.0 is, I am fairly sure, starting to happen very quickly. This involves the new (and in some cases, not so new) social networking sites such as Squidoo, Facebook, My Space and of course YouTube, all of which have phenomenal growth rates that simply stagger the mind. Why a videoclip? The short answer is that a video clip is as the latest figures and web research no shows, is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to be able to cleverly promote your site, your passion and even your income by personally interacting with tens of thousands , sometimes millions of people. If you happen to get it right. Even if you do not go viral at first, you will certainly be learning along the way and you will earn a lot of Brownie points by creating a presence...

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Brokeback Mountain Challenges Culture and Hollywood

The first tremors that Brokeback Mountain was coming out of the celloid closet began in late January 2006, as the film went into major distribution nationwide. After a slow roll-out and strong word of mouth, many people who thought they would never vote for two men kissing as MTV's hottest kiss did witness the idea of ​​two people in love who just happened to be of the same gender. Those that came away after seeing BBM the first or the fifth time reported that the movie was raw, haunting and ground breaking. The first weeks after many saw the movie, just mentioning Jack Twist or Ennis del Mar bought tears to eyes of those reflecting on their experience with the movie. I had never seen this type of reaction to a film by such a broad range of Americans. Scores moved by the movie, bought the book, by Annie Prulex. Not very often can a movie tell a story as well or better than a book, but many people felt director Ang Lee did and won an Academy Award for BBM. But other BBM nominees were left out on awards night, and homophobia was the mantra of BBM devotees, including thousands who posted daily on David Cullen's BBM forum. Seldom in recent history has a film touched the emotions of a cross section of people world wide. It takes...

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How to Remove Fake Antivirus Software

There is a proliferation of fake antivirus programs nowadays. The developers of these rouge programs are exploiting the existing security fears of almost all computer users. That is why you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge on how to remove fake antivirus software from your computer. But before you can delete fake antivirus software, you have to understand its specific behavior. Get Rid of Rogue Antivirus by Knowing It Thoroughly A rogue antivirus program can sneak into your computer’s system through several channels. First, it can be transferred from an infected removable USB stick to your PC. You may also have downloaded a dubious toolbar that automatically installs the fake antivirus. The most common form of transmission is by using torrent sites or peer-to-peer downloads. Such virus normally mimics the behavior of the built-in security center installed in your computer. If you are running on Windows, the fake virus will imitate the appearance and dialog boxes of the Windows Security Center. Once installed, the bogus antivirus will warn you about virus and malware infections. Pop-ups and nag screens will appear instructing you to download and purchase a new antivirus application. In reality, there are no real malwares or viruses in your PC. The only infection is coming from the fake antivirus software. If you will not uninstall bogus antivirus software, your web browser can be hijacked. Your...

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The Culture Of Free In A Digital Universe

Who among us doesn’t like getting something for free? Whether times are tough or not most of us appreciate not paying for something we want or like. The world wide web has taken this to new heights. There are all sorts of sites with all sorts of content which we access for free. Music, Art, Entertainment, Books, Sports, Games… you name it. In fact, how many of you when faced with a pay-wall for premium content simply decide to go elsewhere? I know – I’ve done the same thing. You probably have to really want the content to decide to pay for it, because in most cases you can get what you’re after somewhere else for free. But this “free” content does have a price. The creators of the content certainly incur expenses in order to produce the content. So, how is it that there’s so much content available for “free”? There are several dynamics at play. In most cases the owners of large web site operations are able to monetize the traffic they receive by selling advertising, which allows them to offer content for free. If you’re able to prove that you get millions of visits each day, advertisers find this valuable and are willing to pay for the privilege of being visible on the site. Or they pay for the clicks they receive on the ads displayed...

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