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Month: December 2017

Critical Thinking: Is The Hollywood Harassment Scandal Being Used To Demonize All Men?

Due to what has been taking place in Hollywood recently, a lot has been said about the people who were involved. It has not stopped there, though, as there are also people who have taken a completely different approach. One Focus When this happens, someone can say that this shows what men are like and how destructive their sexual nature is. And if someone was to say this, there is a strong chance that they will describe themselves as a "feminist". This could mean that they are a woman, but then again, this could something that a man will come out with. If this is a man, he could see himself as someone who cares about women; whereas there are going to be others who say that this person does not feel comfortable in their own skin. Sexism and Misandry The actions of a few men are going to be seen as a reflection of what all men are like, and this person is then going to give all the reasons as to why this is the case. It is highly likely that this person will lean to the left side of the political spectrum. The irony is that someone like this is likely to talk about how bad sexism is and yet, they will fail to see how their behavior is a textbook example of what it means...

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Interested in Some Powerful Viral Marketing?

Powerful viral marketing is probably the greatest three words when you have a business or a web site that you want to promote. Imagine how much more business you could attract if you could harness strong viral marketing into your overall marketing to do lists. It would change the direction of your business and your life FOREVER. One of the best ways to ride on top of this wave is to create small, FREE ebooks and simply give them away. Of course, each of the free ebooks will have your domain linked to every page, so even giving them away free has the opportunity to bring you thousands if the content in your free ebook is worth having. I can not emphasize that enough. Just having an ebook on "Pasta Dishes My Grandma Passed Down To Me ONLY!" sounds fine, in fact, it sounds delicious … but the content inside of whatever Grandma told you had better be some great stuff. Otherwise, the viral part of your powerful viral marketing STOP; S dead in its tracks. What enables viral marketing is the perceived value of the ebook even if it's free! If people see the work as being unique and of value, it will move on down the line. People will begin offering it as a bonus to their other products. It will become the basis for opt-in lists...

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Cricket News Quenches the Thirst of Die Hard Fans

Everyone in this world knows that cricket is a game of passion that involves action, emotion and speed. All these make it all the more important for one to be informed about the latest events in the field of cricket. It is the cricket news that gives information about the latest. Cricket news is the most updated source of information for cricket enthusiasts and this also keeps them abreast of the latest happenings. Cricket news has a special value for fans as they are able to know more and more about their favorite game, player and team. Is it that you do not have enough time to catch up with the status of an entire tournament but still do not wish to miss any information about it? Cricket news is certainly going to help you out about this. It is because cricket news tells not only about the ins and outs on the cricket field; it also provides detailed information on scores and position of the team in the tournament. Regular updation in cricket news helps cricket enthusiasts to know all the facts about the game. Knowing about latest happening in the field of cricket seems to be the thing that is on priority in the mind of fans. Many times fans are on a constant watch for news related to any kind of cricketing issues as they keep...

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PR, Viral Marketing And The Dangers of Spin

The difference between Spin, PR, and Viral Marketing. Spin is when you lie to promote a good image. PR is what you have to do to get you out of the crap left by your lies! And Viral Marketing is the bad or good things people say about you, all depending on your Spin and / or PR. There could not be a finer cautionary tale on the dangers of spin than the venereal (my misprint!) British Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Anthony Blair, Our Tone to his friends. Putting my political bias to one side, Mr Blair sees to have really believed that the public are fools. He used spin to enhance his image with the public, but to him image was the priority over substance. There is no point in enumerating the many examples of Downing Street spin, they are already well documented. But image over content is no way to engage and build on the trust of a not so gullible public. Remember that any promises you make, every word you utter can, and often does come back to haunt you. And to try to cover half-truths and maybe downright lies, as in the Iraq war, with spin attempting to make the decision appear correct is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. No matter what the size of your company, a one-man business or the British or...

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Viral Marketing is Buzz Marketing

Viral marketing is also known as buzz marketing. It is very similar to social network marketing. It means marketing technique using social network to produce increased awareness of brand or to achieve other marketing objectives. The only differentiator here is the use of self-replicating viral processes to produce buzz. It is spreading marketing messages using methods very similar to the spread of viruses (both actual viruses and computer viruses). Viral or buzz marketing is also known as centrifugal marketing, grassroots marketing, guerrilla marketing, referral marketing or wildfire marketing. There are many terms used in the market as different people with different approach would want to have their own version. How is the viral process achieved by the marketers? The most obvious is through the word-of-mouth enhanced by social networks. The viral promotions are spread by the people through forwarding the marketing messages through various media like emails, text messages, e-books, images and even interactive flash games. Have you ever received email with content so interesting and irresistible that you just have to forward it out to your friends so that they can also enjoy content as much as you do? This is the essence of viral marketing. For word-of-mouth method to work the main objective is to identify individuals or methods with high social networking connections to pass the marketing messages around the influence circles. These individuals are supposedly...

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