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Month: May 2017

Cleveland Cheryl Shuman Media Tour

I was not too long ago honored to be asked to guide a media tour throughout quite a few cities in my home state of Ohio to assistance legalize cannabis and industrial hemp. This group of shots present us stopping in Cleveland Ohio accomplishing both of those radio and Tv set and conference quite a few of my friends like Jane Hash, Cher Neufer and quite a few extra. Exclusive many thanks to Charles Vest with for sponsoring the media tour 🙂 with Cheryl Shuman & Aimee Shuman Founders of I’m so happy to be doing work...

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Veteran&#39s Day

What is Veteran&#39s Day. It is a day we must give many thanks to the brave gentlemen and women who served and serve our place in the time of war. It is since of them that our family members can slumber at night time in liberty. Persons I believe of on this day are my father, who served in the Korean Fiasco. His aircraft was shot down over what is now North Korea and out of 13 men and women was the only 1 to make it out alive. I believe about my wife, who served through the Very first Gulf War supplying ships on their way to the Arabian Peninsula. I also believe about men and women I truly do not know all that properly. The mailman at our post office environment, who got back again from Iraq two decades in the past. I can recall when he was away all the photos of him that they had on the partitions of the post office environment. Just two decades in the past it seemed that we People had been a lot more supportive of our troops. Allot of mailmen and mail women are veterans. They have Veteran&#39s Day off. If you see them at the post office environment or delivering your mail just say, thank you. I also would like to thank all the households thatave up their...

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Exxon shareholders approve climate impact report in earn for activists

By Gary McWilliams DALLAS (Reuters) – Exxon Mobil Corp’s main executive said on Wednesday the firm would rethink how it communicates the risks it faces from climate improve after shareholders approved a evaluate contacting for improved transparency. The non-binding proposal handed with sixty two p.c of ballots cast in a unusual defeat for Exxon’s administration, which experienced proposed a vote towards the evaluate. The results most likely mirrored a change in how huge shareholders voted on the evaluate, as the similar proposal last year been given only 38.1 p.c of shares voted. Supply...

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